December 2016

Fremont Private Holdings Invests in Flynn to Support Future Growth

December 21, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Fremont Private Holdings (FPH) has been invited to invest in the future of Flynn by joining as a minority shareholder. The FPH investment will allow Flynn to continue its growth and expansion while following its successful strategy that has made it the largest Total Building Envelope trade contractor in North America.

“Flynn’s growth over the past 25 years has resulted in many positive outcomes, including;  enhanced career opportunities for our people, a greater ability to better serve our customers, and more avenues to develop and implement new best practices,” said Doug Flynn, President & CEO of the Flynn Group of Companies. “FPH participation is a growth minded financing event, which ensures Flynn will continue to be the same Flynn, a company that respects and values its relationships with its employees and customers.”

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