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Flynn Dallas-Fort Worth commercial roofing and cladding services include new roofing & cladding, commercial roof leak repair, alterations, and preventive maintenance. Flynn serves the DFW area and beyond.

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Commercial roof leak? Need an urgent repair?

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Dallas-Fort Worth commercial roofing

Flynn worked on the Mod Bit flat roof systems, slate roof systems, and copper dome at Old Parkland in North Dallas. Flynn’s roofing service program protects your business operations, contents, staff and tenants.


We can stop a commercial roof or glazing leak during a storm but often the permanent repair has to be done when it isn’t raining. Our experienced crews will execute a repair that fixes the problem the first time.


Our emergency hotline is available 24/7. With 150+ repair crews coast to coast, we’ve got you covered. Our preventive maintenance program helps stabilize maintenance costs, discover problems early, and extend your facility’s life.


    We bring your vision for the building envelope to life without compromise. Our customers have come to expect innovative solutions backed by unparalleled technical expertise, and a disciplined approach to project management.


    When modernizing commercial roofing and cladding systems, we’re aiming for a higher standard than “good as new”. We deliver a building envelope system that gives your facility a new lease on life and renewed protection for the assets within.


    Flynn Service crews don’t just fix commercial roof leaks. We do lots of smaller scale jobs from modifying the roof to accommodate new mechanical units to re-roofing small to medium-sized sections of roof.

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