A commercial roof protects everything that’s under it. We’ve built our business on giving it the attention it deserves.

Best In The Business

Flynn has a team of professionals dedicated solely to repairing and maintaining roofing and cladding systems for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities across North America. Operating from locations across the United States and Canada, with fully equipped service vehicles on the road, our team responds to emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our technicians are long-term Flynn employees. They are highly skilled, enthusiastic, and committed to doing the best possible job for our clients. We invest in our people, upgrading their skills with comprehensive training programs that address safety, quality, and technical issues in order to exceed our clients’ satisfaction.

Roof Repairs

We’ve been repairing roofs since day one in 1978. The strength of four decades of experience and growth is at your service when you call Flynn.


Our Emergency Call Centre is available day or night to take your call. Flynn has service crews at the ready to respond to the extreme weather that threatens your building assets or your tenants.

Roof leak repair - emergency response


We can stop a commercial roof leak during a storm but often the permanent repair has to be done when it isn’t raining. Our experienced crews will execute a repair that fixes the problem the first time.

Roof repair - permanent repairs


Flynn Service crews don’t just fix commercial roof leaks. We do lots of smaller scale jobs from modifying the roof to accommodate new mechanical units to re-roofing small to medium-sized sections of roof.

Roof repair - alterations

For immediate response to a commercial roof leak, contact our 24/7 Emergency Call Centre



Your roofing system may comprise 30% of your total building envelope, but it’s protecting 100% of your assets. Your business operations, contents, staff and tenants are protected by a critical component of your investment: the roofing system.


Our service team works with our clients to design and implement customized preventive maintenance programs that save thousands of dollars over the long-term. We help stabilize maintenance costs, discover problems early, and extend the lives of commercial roofs across North America.


Have the condition of your roof assessed by a professional roofer with years of experience. Get detailed reporting on over 20 different aspects of your roof’s health. Our comprehensive digital report allows you to make informed decisions regarding one of your building’s most important investments.

Snow Removal

While a roof is designed to carry a certain amount of snow, it is important to address snow and ice buildup as a potential threat to the integrity of your roof system.


It’s no secret that particularly harsh winters can deliver tremendous weights of snow in short spaces of time. But freezing rain can compound the danger in minutes, let alone hours, by doubling the weight of snow already carried by a roof, even while compacting it and giving it the appearance of having melted. Subsequent snowfalls can put a roof’s integrity at risk. We’ve seen such conditions cause leaks, property damage, and in some severe cases, roof collapses.


Having snow removed promptly removes guesswork as to the integrity of the roof system, and alleviates the threat of damage or collapse due to the weight of snow. Diligent removal of snow and ice can also deny ice dams the chance to form. Above all, sooner is safer, both for your facility and the people who use it.

f.a.s.t. app

F.A.S.T. is “Flynn’s Asset Service Tool”, a mobile and web app that allows you to instantly request and track Flynn service calls to your facility.

F.A.S.T. gives you instant updates on the status of your service issue as well as clear, comprehensive reporting on the work done and any further work required on your sites. With everything under one roof, F.A.S.T. takes the stress out of coordinating repair work to your facility.  READ MORE ABOUT F.A.S.T.

For immediate response to a commercial roof leak, contact our 24/7 Emergency Call Centre at


For more information on our commercial roof repair and maintenance services,
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