Daimler Trucks


Daimler Trucks

Portland, Oregon

The Daimler/ Western Star Truck Plant project was the largest roofing job Flynn Portland has completed to date. This 484,000 square foot project came along with complications that stemmed from working on a building that had been expanded to over six times its size since its original construction in the 1960s. Flynn was tasked with this roofing job that was “well overdue” and was experiencing several leaks.


Aside from the sheer size of the project, Flynn was challenged with adding the weight of a new roof on an aging structure that was already stressed.
Crews had to build a load chart to ensure that materials were placed on structural girders in order to avoid putting stress on the building. Flynn began with preparing the existing metal panel roof system which needed to be sprayed with a urethane foam overlay while removing any loose foam and coating.
Crews were challenged by a thick green slime coating that had been applied to the original roof to mitigate leaks the client was experiencing. The simple task of walking across the roof was complicated by this coating and winter weather, and Flynn had to use 1,000’s of feet of catwalk to navigate the site safely. These catwalks had to be repositioned regularly, and pathways needed treading to help crew members safely maneuver around the job site.

Flynn Portland Daimler Trucks
Flynn Portland Daimler Trucks


Flynn also inspected and repaired the building’s metal deck, removed abandoned equipment, and installed a new EPS flue filler. Flynn also installed new EPS crickets, added new ½” HD cover board which was mechanically attached, and installed 60 mil Sarnafil Self Adhered Membrane. The Sarnafil membrane saved Flynn extensive amounts of time, helping deliver the project on time and on budget.
Flynn’s scope also included new gutters and downspouts, adding cross grip walk pads along with new associated flashings metal wall panels.
Many existing internal and external gutters added additional problems, and crews had to build diamond crickets and add new drains to encourage efficient water runoff. Further, many areas experienced significant leaks during periods of heavy rain, and new gutters and half diamond crickets had to be installed to promote proper water runoff throughout the building. Since the building had experienced many additions over the years, gutters that were once external, were now internal, adding additional complications. Flynn alleviated multiple ponding problems within the building using Décor ribs to act as water diverters.


Uneven surfaces from the building’s old roof and coating proved problematic, however, Flynn Portland was able to navigate any such complications. Crew members had to pay special attention to detail to ensure the finished product adhered to Flynn’s high standards of both safety and quality.
The project required careful coordination between multiple departments, with months of planning dedicated to helping crews navigate the project safely. The final project is a stunning, leak-free roof that both Flynn and the client should be proud of.

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