Fortis Place


Fortis Place

St. John's, Newfoundland

Metals: 40,000 sq-ft. of Prodema wood paneling; 3,500 sq. ft. of Penthouse Cladding, composite accent band and column cover Roofing: 265 squares of Mod Bit and green roofing


Fortis Place is a multi-scope project located in downtown, St. John’s, NL at 5 Springdale Street. Flynn’s scope of work on this 12-storey office building covers glazing, metals, and roofing. Glazing consists of 620 frames of our 6-3/4” 6450 Flynn Wall system Strip Windows – approximately 145 frames of 5-1/4” 6350 Flynn wall system Stick Installation – approximately 90 frames of our 5-1/4 6350 Flynn Wall system Door and hardware installation, glass canopy, and exterior & interior Balustrade/handrail Systems. The metals portion features approx. 40,000 square feet of Prodema wood paneling, approximately 3,500 square feet of Penthouse Cladding, composite accent band and column covers. Fortis Place is the first St. John’s project that Flynn is using the Prodema, and the 6450 Flynn wall systems on. The roofing scope consists of 265 squares of modified bitumen and green roof.


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