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St. John's

Flynn St. John’s provides commercial roofing and cladding services, including new roofing & cladding, commercial roof repair, waterproofing, alterations, snow removal, and preventive maintenance.

26 Corey King Drive

Mount Pearl, NL

A1N 0A2

Commercial roof leak? Need an urgent repair?

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    We bring your vision for the building envelope to life without compromise. Our customers have come to expect innovative solutions backed by unparalleled technical expertise, and a disciplined approach to project management.


    When modernizing commercial roofing and cladding systems, we’re aiming for a higher standard than “good as new”. We deliver a building envelope system that gives your facility a new lease on life and renewed protection for the assets within.


    Our emergency hotline is available 24/7. With 150+ repair crews coast to coast, we’ve got you covered. Our preventive maintenance program helps stabilize maintenance costs, discover problems early, and extend your facility’s design life.

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