Flynn to Combine Operations with D&D Roofing and D&D Monarch Sheet Metal in Denver

We are pleased to announce that D&D Roofing and D&D Monarch Sheet Metal, Inc. have reached an understanding to combine their operations with Flynn in the US.

D&D Roofing/D&D Monarch Sheet Metal, located in Denver, provides roofing, architectural and sheet metal services to customers throughout Colorado, as well as surrounding states. Their services include all roofing types, as well as architectural and sheet metal fabrication and installation. They recently were awarded “National Project of the Year” in 2014 for the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming.

“After being part of D & D Roofing, Inc. for almost three decades, I can honestly say that this is an extremely exciting chapter for our company and the future growth of our team. Flynn will expand opportunities for our people and allow us to significantly increase our market share,” stated Rob McReynolds, President of D&D Roofing. “I’m excited to leverage Flynn’s total building envelope resources to expand our existing architectural metal business,” added Ty Mattern, President of D&D Monarch Sheet Metal. Moving forward, Rob and Ty will become shareholders in Flynn while taking on significant leadership roles.

Flynn, headquartered in Toronto, has made the strategic decision to expand and grow its construction business in the US; and the opportunity to acquire D&D Roofing and D&D Monarch Sheet Metal, Inc. is a significant step in building an integrated, national roofing and building envelope company across North America. “D&D/Monarch is an excellent addition to the Flynn team. I was confident we had a great fit and future the first time we met Rob and Ty,” stated Doug Flynn, CEO. Doug continued, “We are excited to add a great company in a strong market to the Flynn team.”

“As we continue expanding in the US, it is critical to find, team-up, and integrate healthy and profitable companies in the US that share similar core values with Flynn along with four key attributes: passion for safety, focus on customer satisfaction, positive reputation, and strong field crews,” offered Brynne Smith, President of Flynn’s US Operations. “With this in mind, D&D Roofing/D&D Monarch Sheet Metal is both a perfect cultural and strategic fit.”

Combined with D&D Roofing/D&D Monarch Sheet Metal Inc., Flynn will generate annual revenue of over $750M/yr from 26 operations in North America. For additional information, please contact Brynne Smith, Rob McReynolds or Ty Mattern.

Brynne Smith – [email protected]
Rob McReynolds – [email protected]
Ty Mattern – [email protected]