HSBC Tower

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HSBC Tower

Vancouver, British Columbia

The Vancouver Architectural Products department successfully designed and executed a retrofit upgrade of an existing skylight system atop the downtown HSBC tower. Bringing concept to reality, the retrofit involved redesigning the system to go from four-sided captured to four-sided SSG – a challenge our team was excited to undertake.

Our design team based the proposal on an existing four-sided SSG toggle system. The design creatively sat a new custom die atop of the back section of the existing skylight. In conjunction with custom clips, the new system negated a complete tear down and removal of the skylight.


HSBC Tower Flynn Vancouver
HSBC Tower Flynn Vancouver

Months prior to install, our production team generated 3D models of the proposed custom die. The intent was to get a head start on ensuring that our proposed extrusion would fit. Installation methods and detailing were also resolved during this time – a faster and economical alternative than the traditional custom-extruded die method.

As the primary subtrade on site, the glazing team were keen on maintaining overall project safety and cleanliness while effectively sustaining a productive and quality conscientious install. They adapted to many of the challenges encountered on site including tight access, strict delivery hours, working at extreme heights, neighboring office considerations and noise restrictions to name a few.

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