To our valued Customers,

The health and safety of our staff, clients and their families is our highest priority and we know it is yours as well. As we work to understand and mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 virus we are taking many precautions while maintaining the ability to provide you with uninterrupted and quality services.

These are some steps we are taking to protect our teams and your staff and customers.

While we normally promote a high level of contact with our clients to add value to the customer experience you will note many changes below that are intended specifically to limit contact with you and your staff while in/on your sites and in your buildings to promote everyone’s safety.

For our Customers

  • We have taken measures to ensure business continuity on a National level so that all clients are still receiving service at this time by facilitating remote work for our centralized shared services support team. (They process all the call information supplied through our mobile application by our field teams and respond to your phone calls)
  • We have modified our service app by adding a pre call health check for every team member to ensure we are proactively and quickly identifying any potential infections to rapidly intervene and prevent potential exposure.
  • In our prescribed checklist it is no longer a requirement to exchange business cards and have face to face contact.
  • We have advised our field team to limit access to client buildings to ONLY essential internal leak investigations following your access protocols and direction at all times.
  • Wherever possible to reduce the need for building access we will be asking more questions to identify the location and cause of the leak when you initiate a service call.
  • Where available / practical we will also be providing roof plans or satellite photos on which we will request you to indicate the location of repair/ leak to help our technicians.
  • We have also implemented increased cleaning procedures within our offices and trucks.

For our Field Technicians

  • We have instructed staff that are experiencing any symptoms to remain at home.
  • As mentioned above, all field staff are required multiple times a day to answer specific questions regarding their health and exposure to others.
  • We have requested our field technicians to not access customer buildings without communication and permission.
  • We have sent hand washing and sanitation guides to our staff both by video and handouts and provided the materials required to implement these practices.
  • We are communicating daily on prevention and process changes as advised by public health authorities.
  • We have empowered our technicians to make real-time on-site decisions that they feel will mitigate any potential exposure and minimize risk for all parties.

Changes to our process

  • When you contact us we will ask for additional information including any specific site concerns or procedures we should comply with.
  • We will ask for detailed site contact information and access instructions to minimize direct contact wherever possible.
  • We have instructed our field service technicians to phone you when they have completed their call rather than communicating in person. (Please advise where this will not be a practical solution and who they need to speak to on site.)
  • We have updated our mobile service app to not only constantly ask our field service technicians about their health but also to minimize face to face contact throughout the service call process.
  • If you need any additional information while we are onsite we are happy to take extra pictures to avoid you having to physically accompany us on the roof for inspection and review purposes.
  • Please advise us if they are any particular process considerations we have not identified that you would like to be specifically addressed.

The next several weeks will likely present new challenges but we will continue to monitor the situation closely and will make the changes necessary as information and guidelines change. We are confident that our team will be able to support you during this crisis while keeping a focus on the safety of our staff and your staff and customers. We thank you for your continued support and encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have

Paul Nunes

VP Service