Syncrude Ft. Mac

Syncrude Ft. Mac

Syncrude Fort McMurray, Alberta

The project will replace two “mine trains” at Mildred Lake. A mine train is the industry term given to a process that crushes and mixes the oil sands with warm water to separate the bitumen from the oil sands.

Flynn Industrial Ltd. began work on the Mildred Lake Mine Replacement Project in the Fall of 2013 under Colony Management Inc and Kiewit Management Co. The scope of work on the Screening Building and Trim Building of the MLMR Project was on a Time and Material basis. Flynn Industrial, was instrumental in finishing the installation of the architectural package ahead of schedule.

Syncrude Ft. Mac Flynn Industrial
Syncrude Ft. Mac Flynn Industrial

Flynn Scope of Work:

  • Installation of Wall Cladding and insulations of both Screening Building and Trim Building.
  • Installation of Roof Cladding and Insulations of both Screening Building and Trim Building.
  • Installation of Wall and Roof Cladding as well as Insulations on the stair towers for the Screening and Trim Buildings.
  • Installation of pedestrian doors on both buildings.

Project Highlights:

  • Based on Flynn Industrial excellent performance on the Screening and Trim Building, Colony Management and Kiewit Management Co. expanded Flynn Industrial scope of work to include:
    • Installation of roof and wall claddings and insulations for Caustic tank and Process Water Tank.
    • Stage 3—multiple buildings –penetrations sealing.

    Contractor: Colony Management/Kiewit

    Engineer: Amec

    Contract Value: $11,000,000.00

    Completed: 2014