Bayside Middle School

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Bayside Middle School

Brentwood Bay, British Columbia

This project involved the complete tear off and reinstallation of thermally clipped metal roofing system: new vapour barrier, insulation, high temp waterproofing membrane, standing seam metal roofing panels.

We completely replaced the entire metal roofing and glazing systems tied into the roof areas which have been leaking since its original construction. The school has been a high-profile case in the province for the past few years due to the ongoing leaks and water ingress issues.

Flynn was able to come in and work with the needs of the school to keep the school in operation while renovating the roof. We completed the project in 2 phases to work with the school schedule. The new metal roofing system is a hybrid system Flynn helped design to ensure the best possible system for the longevity of the roof system and thermal performance. We utilized a 2-tiered peel and stick membrane system at the top and bottom of the system with 5” insulation and a bearing plate fastening clip that fastened down through the system into the steel deck to create a thermal bridge for high-efficiency energy savings.



Bayside Middle School Flynn Victoria
Bayside Middle School Flynn Victoria

This project lasted one year to complete the 96,000 Sq.Ft. of metal roofing in the two phases (completion dates above).

During the course of construction, the school board, consultants, and school staff all continued to thank Flynn for their fantastic work and professional approach to such a demanding and challenging project.

Flynn even donated the labor and materials to complete an outdoor learning structure on the property at the end of the project. The entire project team was recognized and thanked for their fantastic work with the school board going as far to say they were so pleased with their choice to go with Flynn they could not imagine using anyone else! This project was an outstanding success on all levels and continues to be a marquee standard for our customer service and excellent quality envelope systems.