Assiniboine Community College

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Assiniboine Community College

Brandon, Manitoba

Flynn Brandon landed the largest re-roofing project the city had seen in a while. Coming in at 147,000 sq. ft., the Assiniboine Community College is the largest project and most complex of the general contractor’s (Graham Construction) package consisting of ten government re-roofs. Being an occupied college with classes going all day the crew on site had to alter their start time to 4am, which afforded some scenic sunrises while roofing! Large tower lights were brought in to light up this large roof area in the mornings and it was often joked that it looked more like a ball field than a roof. A project coordinator from the Moncton branch was brought in to assist the crew on site with the multiple outside parties involved in the project, showing that Flynn can bring someone in from halfway across the country to help out with a project.

The general contractor’s safety department had nothing but high praise for Flynn’s crew, going so far as to say Flynn’s project was the gold standard of safety and the benchmark for the other nine projects.