Pickering GO Bridge

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Pickering GO Bridge

Pickering, Ontario

Pickering pedestrian bridge crosses 14 lanes of Highway 401, Canada’s busiest highway and one of the busiest in the world. Certified by Guinness World Records as the longest enclosed footbridge in the world, it connects a commuter train station at one end with a parking facility at the other. It spans a 14-lane highway, two rail lines, and a two-lane municipal road.

The bridge is wrapped in mesh-like Kapzip aluminum cladding, giving the structure a distinctive appearance. Kalzip is a lightweight aluminum product used almost exclusively in roofing. Pickering bridge is a novel application of this material. Wrapping the walking platform in Kalzip not only helps protect pedestrians from the weather, it also helps save energy and allow visibility. Natural lighting increases safety and gives pedestrians a sense of security. Moreover, natural lighting helps reduce energy and maintenance costs because fewer electrical lights are needed.