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Old Parkland

Dallas, Texas

The delivery is in the detail

Flynn’s involvement with Old Parkland has spanned more than one phase of renovations, starting with the West Campus. Parkland Hall’s standout feature is its copper dome. More than 3000 interlocking copper tiles make up the stunning 96-foot diameter dome, which received the North American Copper in Architecture Award.

Dome roof - Old Parkland by Flynn
Old Parkland Flynn Dallas Fort Worth

A new building on the North Campus was completed in 2019, and ranged from low-slope mod-bit roofing and steep-slope synthetic slate, to custom zinc panels.

The original design for the building featured stone spandrels and window surrounds, but the owner wanted a more striking look, and initially considered bronze. Bronze itself being too heavy, stamped zinc panels were chosen to mimic the appearance of sculpted bronze. These would be lighter as well as more cost-effective, but no less visually appealing.

Old Parkland Flynn Dallas
Old Parkland Flynn Dallas

The panels were to be stamped and soldered in France, custom lacquered to resemble bronze in Belgium, and shipped to Dallas for installation. Given the lead time needed, guaranteed dimensions were required, with minute tolerances. This way, fabrication of the panels could begin even as other trades continued work on the building. Easy, right?

Not so fast.

Typically, when the contractual tolerances of each trades are put up against each other, “guaranteed” dimensions are often anything but. The potential for such a dimensional mismatch existed here, with the framer, mason, and window contractor all having certain tolerances in their work.

And one doesn’t simply modify custom-fabricated zinc panels on site.

As the panels were being produced in Europe, Flynn called in its secret weapon: 3D laser scanning. The window openings were scanned to generate three-dimensional interference maps showing where corrections needed to be made in advance of panel installation.

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Old Parkland
Old Parkland