Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital

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Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Flynn departs every job with pride. Maybe just a bit more than usual when it's a Total Building Envelope scope on a children's hospital.

Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan (CHS) is comprised of a variety of waterproofing & roofing scopes. Also noteworthy is the abundance of steel deck, metal siding, aluminum shingles, and composite panel that Flynn completed on this project as total building envelope contractor.

The are upwards of 16 different roof sections of various sizes amounting to 85,000 square feet. These roof areas were installed by Flynn and consist mainly of: Steel deck, ½” Densdeck, 2 Ply Type IV glass felts mop applied, various thicknesses and taper packages of Carlisle Polyiso adhered w/ adhesive, 60 Mil EPDM w/Ballast, and over 10,000 Pavers.




Flynn Saskatoon Children Hospital
Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Flynn Saskatoon


Access to and installation of the 16 roof sections relied on well-thought-out logistics and safety procedures. Some were not accessible by tower crane, and provided minimal options for tie-off points. Even where a tower crane was utilized, sharing it with the dozens of other trades on site required diligent scheduling and pre-planning. As these roofs were all ballasted, our use of the crane was significant.

Hot Rubber waterproofing was also utilized on this project as we completed upwards of 11,000 SqFt of this application type on parkade ramps. This work was completed on an aggressive schedule so that other scopes could move forward with their work.

Complexity is skin deep

Tapered packages were very complex and time consuming as many modifications were required to be made on site. Flynn’s close coordination with the general contractor and other trades ensured that countless fine details in the specification were given due attention.

Several mechanical plenums were constructed on this project and roofing systems in the form of a 2 ply SBS were required for the waterproofing of such. These were small, somewhat confined spaces that took great expertise in the sequencing and safety aspect to complete efficiently. 2 ply SBS was also utilized for the planters on the parkade, and in the Kids Play Area.




Jim Pattison Children's Hospital in Saskatoon - Commercial roofing and building envelope by Flynn Group of Companies
Jim Pattison Children's Hospital in Saskatoon - Commercial roofing and building envelope by Flynn Group of Companies

Labour of Love

Above and beyond the roofing components themselves, this project is looked at as a major step in the right direction for Saskatchewan Health. CHS is also the new home for the STARS Helicopter ambulance. The landing pad is located on the top level of the hospital. Flynn happily donated much time, money, and energy into charitable events such as the Christmas/Santa clause Display for all the children looking on from the Royal University Hospital across the Saskatchewan River. Gifts are handed out and large Christmas displays are placed atop the Children’s Hospital roof for all the kids to see.

This project is truly a special one for the community. The Flynn Family is proud of the hours and effort devoted to helping make it happen.