Snow removal

Winter can bring with it heavy snowfalls. While a roof will carry a certain amount of snow, particularly harsh winters can deliver a tremendous weight of snow in short spaces of time.

Freezing rain can compound the danger by doubling the weight of snow already carried by a roof, even while compacting it and giving it the appearance of having melted. Subsequent snowfalls can put a roof’s integrity at risk. We’ve seen such conditions cause leaks, property damage, and in some severe cases, roof collapses.

Sooner is safer

Having snow removed promptly removes any guesswork on the part of the facility manager, and alleviates the threat of damage or collapse due to the weight of snow. Diligent removal of snow and ice can also deny ice dams the chance to form.

Above all, sooner is safer, both for your facility and the people who use it.

Professional roofers

Flynn can send professional roofing crews of any size, from just two up to fifty, depending on your needs. Our crews are trained and qualified to tackle the challenging and potentially hazardous conditions atop a snow-covered roof. We work to remove snow and ice efficiently, and above all safely.

Cover your assets

Save yourself an unexpected expense by having snow and ice removed before it becomes a problem.

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