Roofing Production

Job Purpose

Cover roofs of structures with shingles, slate, asphalt, aluminum, wood, or related materials. May spray roofs, sidings, and walls with material to bind, seal, insulate, or soundproof sections of structures.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Install, repair, or replace four and/or single-ply roofing systems, using waterproof sheet materials such as modified plastics, elastomeric, or other asphaltic compositions;
  • Install vapor barriers and/or layers of insulation on the roof decks of flat roofs, and seal the seams;
  • Cut roofing paper to size using knives; and nail or staple roofing paper to roofs in overlapping strips to form bases for other materials;
  • Align roofing materials with edges of roofs;
  • (If applicable) Apply alternate layers of hot asphalt or tar and roofing paper to roofs, according to specification;
  • (If applicable) Mop or pour hot asphalt or tar onto roof bases;
  • (If applicable) Apply plastic coatings and membranes, fiberglass, or felt over sloped roofs before applying shingles;
  • Install partially overlapping layers of material over roof insulation surfaces, determining distance of roofing material overlap;
  • Set up barrier, scaffolding, and any other measures necessary to provide safe access to roofs;
  • (If applicable) Apply gravel or pebbles over top layers of roofs, using rakes or stiff-bristled brooms;
  • Glaze top layers to make a smooth finish, or embed gravel in the bitumen for rough surfaces;
  • Clean and maintain equipment.


  • Ability to safely work at heights
  • Able to perform physical activities on a regular basis
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work
  • Analyze information and evaluate problems
  • Hand-eye-coordination;
    • Handling, installing, positioning and moving materials
  • Attention to detail;
    • Inspecting equipment, structures and material – able to identify problems or defects
  • Communication;
    • Can clearly provide information to supervisors, co-workers and necessary stakeholders through verbal or written means
    • Interpret instructions given by supervisors
  • Safely operate vehicles, mechanical devices or equipment
  • Can monitor and control use of resources on site

Working conditions

  • Physically demanding: (see Physical Requirements)
  • Weather conditions:
    • Requires working outdoors
    • Must work in good and poor weather conditions
    • Work can be delayed due to extreme weather conditions, such as; extreme heat and cold, rain and ice
  • Hazardous materials:
    • Solvents, sealing agents and their vapors
    • Tar and pitch
    • Man-made mineral fibers (ex. asbestos)
    • Dust particles
    • Bird and rodent refuse
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Steel toed boots (nonskid, with 6-inch uppers)
    • Hardhat
    • Goggles, safety glasses with side shields, and/or full-face shield
    • Heat-resistant gloves
    • Long sleeve shirt and long pants with no cuffs
    • Full body harness
    • Fall arrest lanyard
    • Flexible anchorage line
    • Tower rescue kits
    • Facemask and/or respirators
    • Tyvek suit (in cases of Cold Tar Pitch)

Physical Requirements

Must perform physical activities that require considerable use of arms, legs and core muscles as well as activities that require moving the entire body, such as; climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials.


  • Apply adhesives, caulking, sealants, or coatings
  • Climb ladders, scaffolding, or utility or telephone poles
  • Cut, shape, fit, or join wood or other construction materials
  • Install prefabricated building components
  • Install sheeting or flashing
  • Move or fit heavy objects
  • Clean work areas
  • Install TPO, PVC, EPDM, asphalt, or related roofing materials

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