Glazier Production

Job Purpose

Fabricate and cut glass using glass cutter or computerized cutter to be used for installation on walls, ceilings or exterior of buildings.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Read and interpret blueprints and specifications to determine type and thickness of glass, frame, installation procedure and materials required
  • Prepare glass for cutting by resting it on rack edges or against cutting tables and brushing thin layer of oil along cutting lines or dipping cutting tools in oil
  • Measure and mark glass and cut glass using glass cutters or computerized cutter
  • Grind or polish glass, smoothing edges
  • Measure mirrors and dimensions of areas to be covered to determine work procedures
  • Score glass with cutters’ wheels, breaking off excess glass by hand or with notched tools
  • Cut and attach mounting strips, metal or wood moldings, rubber gaskets, or metal clips to surfaces in preparation for installation
  • Measure, cut, fit, and press anti-glare adhesive film to glass or spray glass with tinting solution to prevent light glare


  • Ability to safely work at heights;
  • Able to perform physical activities on a regular basis;
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work;
  • Analyze information and evaluate problems;
  • Hand-eye-coordination;
    • Handling, installing, positioning and moving materials
  • Attention to detail;
    • Inspecting equipment, structures and material – able to identify problems or defects
  • Communication;
    • Can clearly provide information to supervisors, co-workers and necessary stakeholders through verbal or written means
    • Interpret instructions given by supervisors
  • Safely operate vehicles, mechanical devices or equipment;
  • Can monitor and control use of resources on site.

Working conditions

  • Physically demanding: (see Physical Requirements);
  • Weather conditions:
    • Requires working outdoors
    • Must work in good and poor weather conditions
    • Work can be delayed due to extreme weather conditions, such as; extreme heat and cold, rain and ice
  • Hazardous materials:
    • Glass
    • Solvents, sealing agents and their vapors
    • Hazardous noise and vibration (when using power tools and mobile equipment)
    • Man-made mineral fibers (i.e. asbestos, lead)
    • Dust particles and exhaust fumes
    • Bird and rodent refuse
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Steel toed boots (nonskid, with 6-inch uppers)
    • Hardhat
    • Ear Plugs
    • Goggles and shield
    • Heat-resistant gloves
    • Long sleeve shirt and long pants with no cuffs
    • Full body harness
    • Fall arrest lanyard
    • Flexible anchorage line
    • Tower rescue kits
    • Facemask and/or respirators

Physical Requirements

Must perform physical activities that require considerable use of arms, legs and core muscles as well as activities that require moving the entire body, such as; climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials.


  • Climb ladders or scaffolding;
  • Install or Repair sheeting or flashing;
  • Move or fit heavy objects;
  • Clean work areas.

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