Four Flynn workers in hard hats and safety harnesses servicing a green roofFlynn is one of the largest green roof trade contractor in North America providing unique green roof solutions to a wide variety of customers.

We are certified installers of all major green roof systems, free of product affiliation.

Our services range from:

  • Green Roof Design Assist and Consultation
  • Specification and Estimating
  • Green Roof Installation
  • Green Roof Maintenance

Our unique position as a green roof contractor allows us to fit any system or combination of systems to create a custom green roof which best suits your needs.

We as the most established green roof contractor are experienced in installing, maintaining and creating:

  • Intensive Green Roofs
  • Extensive Green Roofs
  • Semi-Intensive Green Roofs

Having completed jobs across North America we understand the geographical difference in each area and have through experience developed extensive green roof plant lists designed to create beautiful green roofs in all micro-climates.  We also have regional suppliers across the country that can provide local knowledge and service.

Green Roof Design Assist and Consultation: Our team of experienced landscape architects, designers and Green Roof Professionals provide:

  • Green Roof Concept and Design Assist
  • Green Roof Assembly Consultation
  • Structural building and Roof Membrane Consultation

Specification and Estimating: Our team can provide estimates for projects across North America. Our national services begin with estimation and specification writing for new projects, to installation and maintenance.

Green Roof Installation: As general contractors our crews are trained and certified installers in all major green roof systems. Every install is different and our capable crews are able to tailor the installation to every specific site.

Green Roof Maintenance: Maintenance programs are provided for the warrantee period of your green roof.  A maintenance schedule is worked out with each client and reports are generated to ensure your green roof fulfills its growth potential.

*Flynn is certified installers of all major green roof systems.