Unitized Curtain Wall Systems

6450 Unitized Curtain Wall

Surrey Memorial Hospital – Vancouver, BCAlthough unitized, pre-glazed curtain wall systems are particularly suited to high-rise construction or projects with large quantities of module repetition or whenever 4-sided capless systems are required; it can also be considered on any size project that demands it.

Whether your project requires a standard or custom framing system, we have the experience and partnerships with system suppliers to meet your curtain wall needs, by providing a quality product.

All our pre-glazed curtain wall systems are fabricated, assembled and glazed within the controlled environment of our manufacturing facility. This allows greater quality control and the ability to pre-construct our frame modules before the building’s structure is erected; it also helps accelerate the close-in of the building, since our installation crews can work on sections of the building as they become available; while minimizing delays due to weather conditions.