Exotic Metals

Canadian War Museum – Ottawa, ONExotic metals are often specified because of their unique aesthetic appeal and proven longevity. We have extensive experience with these “noble materials” in a myriad of applications, varying from traditional standing seam to flatlocks, reveal panels and custom fabrications. Our project list includes some of the most prominent architecture completed in recent years.

The following are some of the more common metals in this category:

Stainless Steel – Typically known for its tarnish free, bright silver finish, stainless steel offers the designer strength and beauty in one. Mirror, brushed or embossed finishes give stainless steel a wide variety of tones. But it doesn’t have to be just silver. Coloured stainless steel is also available.

Titanium – This light weight metal is known for its exceptional longevity and deep luster. Colour is induced by an electrolytic process; it is not a coating but rather an alteration to the surface which creates the hue. Available in smooth or embossed finishes, normally 0.4mm thick, titanium is suitable for flatlock tiles and standing seam applications.

Copper – Copper has been used for centuries in North America as an aesthetically pleasing building material. In the past it was typically used for roofing and adornment. However, recently copper has found a place as an architectural statement on building façades. The full range of applications can be achieved.

Zinc – Whether it is used in renovation or new construction, traditional or avant-garde designs, zinc is an elegant partner for many building envelope materials. Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, zinc can be used on both roof and wall applications.