Composite Wall Panels

Accumet (Flynn Canada Head Office; Toronto, ON)The composite aluminum material currently used in building construction actually has its origins in the aerospace industry. It was specifically developed to offer superior strength in a lightweight sheet product.

Composite aluminum sheets consist of 0.5mm thick aluminum skins over a thermal plastic core. The total sheet thickness is 4mm. The core is either polyethylene (PE) or a specially formulated fire retardant polymer (FR) meant for non-combustible applications.

The primary features of composite material are:

  • Superior flatness
  • Colour consistency

The colour is consistent from sheet to sheet because the coating is applied in a continuous line process in the factory, before the panels are fabricated. Colour consistency is of particular concern where large façade areas are to be clad or where metallic finishes are specified.

A wide range of standard colours are available. Custom colours and some exotic metal finishes can also be specified.